Ellegi S.r.l. is specialized in the sector of traditional energies, alternative energies, biomass and storage systems.

We have transformed the old series production into a new range of innovative products and integrated systems for energy saving:

  • Wood, pellet, wood chip and multi-fuel boilers

  • Stoves and hydro -  stoves

  • Wood-burning hydro kitchens

  • Fireplaces

  • solar panels

  • Accumulation tanks

An experience of over 50 years in the production of stoves and boilers acquired with the absorption of the historical CTMC brand combined with technological innovations promoted by energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

Ellegi S.r.l.

Via II^ Strada 19 - 35026

Conselve (PD) ITALY 

Tel. +39 049 9501692

P. IVA: 01101400297

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