Storage tanks/Buffer tank


HPS model

Heat pump DHW productors. Vetrified (EMAIL).


    Costruction: built with steel sheets S235JR EN10025.
    Fixed spiral heat exchanger (according to the models) with steel pipes S235JR EN10025 welded to the tank. Heat pump group complete of: hermetic alternative compressor, battery evaporator with aluminum fins and copper pipes, centrifugal electrofan, wrapped condenser outside the tank.

    Processing: vitrified interior (EMAIL), applied in an oven at 860°, suitable for use and consumption of potable water.

    Insulation and exthernal finish: don't removable rigid polyurethane and ABS external finish.

Technical features

Model 200 300
Ø with insulation mm. 650 650
Total height mm. 1700 1900

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