Storage tanks/Buffer tank


Model: BU/V - BU/X

Horizontal under-boiler module for domestic hot water production and storage


    Costruction: Art. BU/V constructed from S235JR EN10025 quality steel sheets, fixed spiral heat exchangers welded to the tank.

    Art. BU/X constructed from AISI 316L stainless steel sheet, fixed spiral heat exchanger welded to the tank.

    Processing:  Art. BU/V internal vitrification anti-corrosion treatment (EMAIL), suitable for drinking water use and consumption.

    Art. BU/X pickling and passivation after completion of welding operations.

    Insulation: Non-removable rigid injected polyurethane insulation. 

    External finish: Stove-enamelled steel mantle

Technical features

Model 120 160 210
Depth 555 555 555
Total length mm. 835 1045 1355
Total height mm. 555 555 555

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